Penetration Testing

A penetration test help businesses evaluate security the same way an attacker would: by hacking it.

Our methodology encompasses numerous tools and skills to assess the overall health of your security infrastructure. Whereas, all security assessments must adapt to an organization’s infrastructure, host services, and security policies in o to provide a security review of their networked environment.

ISNS’s methodology is based around 7 key phases:

   ▪    Scoping
   ▪    Reconnaissance and enumeration
   ▪    Mapping and service identification
   ▪    Vulnerability and exposure analysis
   ▪    Exploitation
   ▪    Pivoting
   ▪    Reporting and debriefing

A breach will happen. When it does, will you be ready?


1. Network penetration testing
In a network penetration test we simulate a real malicious attack on a company's external and internal network to determine whether they can be exploited by an attacker to compromise targeted systems or gain access to confidential or sensitive information.
2. web application penetration testing
Web applications have become incredibly popular because they provide tremendous flexibility and power, becoming an increasing target for hackers.
Our goal is to uncover insecure implementations or software vulnerabilities leading to the obtainment of sensitive infomation, demonstrate the impact, and provide recommendations for mitigation.
3. wireless penetration testing
From unauthorized access points to weak encryption algorithms, these threats can be used to compromise your security.
Our testing focuses on enumerating and verifying potential attack vectors and threats by performing a spectrum analysis, testing against authentication and encryption, or simulating a man-in-the-middle attack in order to provide recommendations for improvement.
4. Mobile penetration testing
Mobile applications have become more dominant than ever, this evolution has created a full range of new attacks that were not relevant in the classic world of web applications. We have created a dedicated testing environment for penetration testing and code review for all mobile application platforms. During them, we will simulate a barrage of attacks, both the application itself and the mobile in order to penetrate the same and recover confidential data.


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